What is ketosis?
  1. This is the process of converting your body from sugar burning to fat burning
  2. Because we eat so many carbs in our diet, we release so much INSULIN
  3. Insulin BLOCKS fat breakdown, it is a signal that there is another energy source
  4. Eliminate carbs to lower insulin levels and ALLOW your body to burn fat
  5. When you are in KETOSIS, you pull energy from your stored fat whenever you need
How do I get into ketosis?
  1. The fastest way is to fast completely until you’ve depleted your sugar supply
  2. During the fast, you can have coffee, water, coconut oil, butter, heavy cream and bone broth
  3. An alternative way is to CUT THE CARBS by eating a ketogenic diet
How do I fast?
  1. How do I fast?
    1. It’s simple. Do not eat. Fasting is one of the best ways to let your body heal
    2. It gives the body time to process what you’ve put into it
    3. You will not starve
    4. You will not enter “starvation mode”
    5. Start off by cutting out breakfast daily
      1. Start off by cutting out breakfast daily
        1. We are not actually hungry when we first wake up
        2. We have been trained to eat from the time we are awake until the time we sleep
  2. 16-hour Fasting Regimen
    1. Your first meal is at noon and your last meal is at 8pm
    2. If you include 8 hours of sleep, that correlates to a 16-hour fast
    3. This is a good introductory fasting schedule to incorporate
  3. OMAD (one meal a day) Fasting Regimen
    1. Eat one meal per day at a time of your choosing
    2. This correlates to roughly a 23-hour fast
    3. This is the hardest to do initially, but spares you meal prep and stopping to eat frequently throughout the day
    4. This is also the most effective way to fast
  4. What can I have on my fast?
    1. Add healthy fats into your coffee
      1. Butter, heavy cream, coconut oil (be generous, pour it on!)
      2. This will help you feel full until your first meal
    2. Add salt to your water and onto meals
        1. This will keep you from feeling dizzy
        2. Also helps prevent headaches
What will my meals look like?
  1. Breakfast (mix and match)
    1. Coffee with butter, coconut oil and heavy cream all blended
    2. Fried eggs in butter with bacon
    3. Cheese platter with cold cuts and an avocado
  2. Lunch
    1. Leafy salad with avocado, bacon and cheese, topped with olive oil
    2. Salmon topped with butter on a bed of spinach cooked in butter
    3. Tuna-cheese melt
  3. Dinner
    1. Bacon wrapped brussel sprouts with cauliflower rice
    2. Pork chops with cheese sauce over asparagus fried in butter
    3. Steak and eggs
  4. Get creative with your meals
  5. The more fat, the better
  6. Eat wholesome unboxed fresh foods!
  7. Visit: https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/keto/diet-plan for more ideas
How do I know if I’m in ketosis?
  1. Subjective signs
    1. Suppressed appetite, even if you are fasting
    2. Having a steady stream of energy
    3. Keto-breath (acetone is one of the ketone bodies)
    4. Weight loss!
    5. Keto-clarity (increased focus and attention)
  2. Objective signs
    1. Purchase ketone strips and measure the ketones in your urine (cheapest)
    2. Use a ketone breath analyzer to measure the ketones in your breath
    3. Use a ketone blood kit to measure your blood levels (most accurate)
What are the side effects?
  1. The Keto “Flu”
    1. Initially, because you are cutting the carbs, you may feel:
      1. Short-term headache, fatigue, dizziness and/or irritable
    2. That is because you are not used to burning fat for energy
    3. Also, because you are cutting sugar out, you will lose water with it and become dehydrated, leading to the dizziness and headache
  2. How to lessen the effects
    1. Be sure you have lots of fat in your meals = FULL and SATISFIED
    2. Drink lots of water and bone broth or bullion = salt helps you RETAIN water
    3. Add salt to your food
    4. Stay busy and occupied, exercise to take your mind off this feeling
    5. This “flu” is temporary, it will pass
    6. Remember, you want to become a FAT-BURNING machine
What do I need to have in my home to start? (Keto Grocery Shopping List)
  1. Things to always have stocked:
    1. Olive and/or Avocado oil
    2. Virgin coconut oil
    3. Unsweetened butter
    4. Heavy whipping cream
    5. Block cheese (any of your liking)
      1. Ex: Cheddar, Swiss, pepper jack, Havarti, Gouda
    6. Eggs (organic if possible)
    7. Pork Bacon
      1. Full sodium, thick or thin cut
      2. Smoked or regular (your choice)
    8. Nuts
      1. Brazil > Macadamia > Pecans > Walnuts > Almonds
      2. No cashews or peanuts! (high carb content)
  2. Things to buy on a weekly basis:
    1. Have two types of protein to add variety to dinner:
    2. Fish (wild caught if possible)
      1. Salmon, mackerel, sablefish/black cod, rainbow trout, albacore tuna, pacific halibut, rock fish
    3. Shellfish
      1. Muscles, oysters, shrimp, crab, lobster, langoustine, lobster
    4. Poultry (aim for organic or free range)
      1. Chicken thigh w/ skin, drum sticks w/ skin, breast w/ skin on, chicken wings
      2. Ground chicken or turkey (avoid any that say “lean”)
      3. Whole oven roasted chicken w/ skin (Costco)
    5. Beef (aim for grass-fed)
      1. Sky is the limit. Pick your favorite cuts
      2. Ground beef (avoid any that say lean)
    6. Pork (aim for organic)
      1. Sky is the limit. Pick your favorite cuts
      2. Ground pork (avoid any that say lean)
    7. Vegetables
      1. Have 3-4 types of different types of leafy vegetables (organic is best)
      2. Anything that grows above the ground
      3. Spinach, broccoli, cauliflower
      4. Lettuce (romaine, spring, etc; avoid iceberg because it has no real nutritional value)
      5. Kale, brussel sprouts, asparagus, green beans, zucchini/squash, eggplant
      6. Peppers: bell peppers, jalapeños, serrano peppers, Anaheim, poblanos
    8. Snacks
      1. Pork rinds aka Chicharones aka fried pork skin
      2. Laughing Cow full fat cheese
      3. Jerky, preferably pork
      4. Whole hard-boiled eggs
      5. Bacon, of course