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You will be signed up for a monthly subscription to NudgeCoach Mobile Application. With purchase you will also receive a downloadable ebook of your Quick Start Guide to everything you need to know about Carbs to Keto.

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  1. OK! Getting there . . . I got the fitbit scale today. The fitbit is on its way from AMAZON. I have been rigidly following the program since my office visit. No meals between 8 PM and 12:00 Noon. Then around Noon my lunch today for instance was 2 hard boiled eggs and an avocado. Tonight salmon and two of Rita’s shrimp plus an appetizer of 3 raw oyster shooters with no cocktail sauce (wasabi and horseradish only). Lots of water! It appears there’s early success on the weight loss but the focus is really adapting to a new eating regimen. The weight loss will come as a by product. I also watched “The Big Fat Fix” movie. I’ll do blood work again next Wednesday and see you when your office calls me in for an appointment.

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